Canoe Races
Darlington Canoe Festival

A Community Homecoming Since 1966
Where it all began in 1966!

Our festival had its humble beginnings on Father's Day in 1966 when the Darlington Fire Department hosted a canoe race from Calamine to Darlington on the Pecatonica River.  Who would have known that lone event would evolve into a four-day festival packed full of excitement for the entire region to enjoy?  

The competitive canoe races remained a focal point of the festival for over five decades.  While the races are no more, many people still enjoy paddling down the  scenic riverway each Sunday morning of the festival to celebrate the history of the festival and the life of the Pecatonica River.  

All are welcome to make the journey from Calamine to Darlington during the festival or at any other time throughout the year.  One will certainly enjoy the wildlife, views, and peace the experience has to offer.